special springs

Special springs from wire and tape


If something is not in stock, Durovis manufactures it to measure, mostly in-house. Special springs according to customer specifications are part of our daily business and a welcome challenge.

A large stock of raw materials enables special springs to be produced within a very short time. With 3D spring configurators and calculation programs, Durovis supports designers in the development of new parts. Here is a summary of what we can do for you:

Compression springs:0.08 - 90.00mm
Tension springs:0.15 - 30.00mm
Torsion springs:0.15 - 30.00mm
Wire form springs:0.15 - 30.00mm
Leaf springs:0.10 - 10.00mm
Spiral springs:0.10 - 14.00mm
Standard springs from stock:0.10 - 12.00mm

Technical informations


After cold forming, all springs (except for meterware) are subjected to a heat treatment. This annealing process increases the toughness and reduces residual stresses.

End turns

The designation “n” in the catalog indicates the number of active turns. There are also two applied end turns. For compression springs with a wire thickness of less than 0.5 mm, the end turns are applied. For springs from 0.5 mm, the end turns are additionally ground to a circumference of approx. 270°.

Spring calculation

The catalog springs were calculated according to DIN 2095, EN 15800 for compression springs, DIN 2097 for tension springs and DIN 2194 for torsion springs, each according to quality level 2.

Manufacturing compensation

The production of springs requires production compensation in order to be able to maintain the specified values. With our standard compression springs, the compensation takes place over the length L0, so the springs can be slightly longer than L0 before they are pressed on the block for the first time.

Shot blasting

To increase fatigue strength, the springs can be hammered with steel or glass balls. Our standard springs are not shot peened. If desired, the springs can be shot blasted later for an additional charge.

Surface protection

The springs made of spring steel wire are lightly oiled. The springs made of stainless spring steel have no surface treatment. On request, we can supply you with the springs with any corrosion protection you require.


The standard tension springs have a complete German eyelet at both ends according to DIN 2097 Figure 3. The position is normally 0 degrees. The eyelets have no opening. However, we can cut an eyelet opening according to your wishes at short notice.


When placed, the compression spring is compressed onto the block and loses length. This process reduces the relaxation of the spring during operation. The standard springs are not set and can therefore be slightly longer than L0.


The manufacturing tolerances for compression springs correspond to EN 15800 No. 4, quality level 2, or for tension springs DIN 2097 No. 4, quality level 2.


When winding tension springs, twisting the wire creates a force that presses the coils against each other. The force to lift the coils apart is called preload.

DesignationWST-Nr. DesignationDIN / EN  E-Module, G-Module TemperatureUsage note
Spring steel wire1.0600Sorte BEN 10270-1SM206'000, 81'500-60 to +80°Call common springs, without high demands
Spring steel wire (Norm)1.1200Sorte CEN 10270-1SH207'500, 82'500-60 to +120°Call common springs, for increased demands
Spring steel wire1.1211Sorte DEN 10270-1DH207'500, 82'500-60 to +120°Cas grade C, but for oscillating loads
Valve spring wire1.1230FDCEN 10270-2206'000, 78'500-60 to +80°Cfor springs to moderate vibrations
Valve spring wire1.1250VDCEN 10270-2206'000, 79'500-60 to +80°CFor valve springs to vibration stress
Valve spring wireVD-CrVVDCrVEN 10270-2206'000, 79'500-60 to +200°Cfor high dynamic stress
Valve spring wireVD-SiCrVDSiCrEN 10270-2206'000, 79'500-60 to +160°Cfor highest dynamic stress
Spring steel wire1.815951CrV4DIN 17221206'000, 78'5000 to +80°Cfor hot forming, for high stresses
Spring steel wire1.710367SiCr5DIN 17222206'000, 78'5000 to +80°Cfor hot forming, for highest stresses
Spring steel wire stainless (Norm) 1.4310 X10CrNi188 EN 10270-3 195'000, 73'000 -200 to +250°Cfor food industry, corrosion resistant
Spring steel wire stainless (V2A) 1.4568 X7CrNiAl177EN 10270-3 200'000, 78'000 -200 to +350°Cfor high stress, at elevated temperature
Spring steel wire stainless (V4A) 1.4571 X6CrNiMoTi17EN 10270-3 180'000, 68'000 -200 to +300°Cin the environment of aggressive media, acid resistant
Brass wire 2.0321 CuZn37DIN 17682112'000, 35'000 -200 to +60°Cin alkaline water, seawater, non-magnetic
Bronze wire 2.1020 CuSn6DIN 17682103'500, 39'000 -200 to +60°Cnon-magnetic, solderable, corrosion resistant
Beryllium bronze wire 2.1247 CuBe2DIN 17682130'000, 49'000 -200 to +150°Cantimagnetic, corrosion resistant, non-sparking
Hastelloy C42.4610NiMo16Cr16TiDIN 17744195'000, 76'400-100 to +400°Cin very corrosive environments, for heat-resistant springs
Inconel X7502.4669NiCr15Fe7TiAlDIN 17744214'000, 74'000-100 to +600°Chigh temperature resistant, non-magnetic
Nimonic 902.4969NiCr20Co18Ti-241'000, 85'000-100 to +650° Cresistant to high temperatures, resistant to gases
DescriptionMaterial-Nr.  DescriptionDIN / EN  E-Modul, G-ModulTempering °C / DurationTensile strength (soft)Tensile strength (hard)
Spring band steel1.0601C 60DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-6201180-1680
Spring band steel1.1221Ck 60DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-6201180-1680
Spring band steel1.0603C 67DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-6201230-1770
Spring band steel1.1231Ck 67DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-6401230-1770
Spring band steel1.0605C 75DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-6401320-1870
Spring band steel1.1248Ck 75DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-6401320-1870
Spring band steel1.1274Ck 101DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-6901500-2100
Spring band steel1.090455 Si 7DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-7401300-1800
Spring band steel1.710367 SiCr 5DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-8001500-2200
Spring band steel1.815950 CrV 4DIN 17222206'000, 78'000225-250 °C / 0.5-1h-7401400-2000
Spring band steel1.4310X12CrNi 17 7DIN 59381195'000, 73'000350-450 °C / 1h-8001100-2200
Spring band steel1.4401X5CrNiMo 1810DIN 59381195'000, 71'000350-450 °C / 1h-7401400-2000
Spring band steel1.4568X7CrNiAl 17 7DIN 59381200'000, 78'000450-550 °C / 1h-8001500-2200


Micro springs


The trend towards miniaturization continues. As a result, the interest in micro springs is growing. Automated assembly lines require not only high precision and cleanliness (medical technology) but also good spring detangling properties. To meet the increasing demand of our customers, we also offer micro springs, made of stainless wires and spring bronze, from wire thickness 0.08 mm. With our decades of experience in spring production, we can provide you with the best advice.